Installing window treatments can be time consuming and costly, but is definitely worth what you put into it. Skipping this important step can only hurt you. Window treatments give you the privacy and energy savings that you are looking for. However, there is a plethora of different types of window treatments. At Coastal Flooring we offer blinds, valances, plantation shutters, and much more. How do you decide what to invest in with so many options?


Window blinds are one of the many options that you can choose from. Blinds come in several different styles, colors, and patterns. They let you control the amount of light and privacy you have giving you the option to cover half the window or only open the slats halfway. There is also an extensive variety of materials to choose from to meet any room’s needs. You can choose from faux wood blinds, wood blinds, plastic blinds, and much more. Blinds are usually really easy to clean and maintain. Just take a damp cloth, wipe and you’re done!


Shutters give you a clean, neat, and attractive looking option for window treatments. They look much nicer than the other options and tend to last longer. Just like blinds shutters keep the sunlight out with even more versatility. Although shutters can be a bit costly they are saving you money on your electric bill. Shutters work as extra insulation between your window and your room. They help regulate the temperature and UV rays entering your room through the window. You will have no need to touch the thermostat. They don’t have any strings dangle down or exposed making them safer and ascetically better looking.


For a more economical option we also have valances. Valances come in millions of different colors, designs, and styles. This gives you the option to give your room the pop of color or style it may need. They also help control any noise you may have in your room. This may be a good option for home theatres or living rooms. Valances offer some privacy depending on the thickness and color. Things get dusty and your valances will too. The good thing about valances is that most of them can be washed in a washing machine.

What Now?

Window treatments are one of the most important assets for any home. If you are looking for a simple cheaper option then window blinds are best for your home. Shutters last longer than any other option, but a bit more expensive. Valances might be the answer if you want to have the option to choose from many different styles with the benefits of having a window treatment. Call to talk to one of our home design experts.