Dirt on the floor isn’t something you can neglect or do away with. It’s unsightly and the prime cause of wear and tear on floor materials. You may not know that dust can scratch smooth floor finishes, eliminate wax and protective coatings, and mash carpet fibers and backings. But simple daily care routines are the solution to keep your floors clean at home.

We would advise you to vacuum regularly and quickly get rid of stains and spills as soon as they emerge. You should also vacuum it even if it may not look dirty to you. Vacuum will deliver a one-two punch and consume the free dust within the dirt cup or vacuum bag. If your living area is a high traffic area, vacuuming daily will help you in the long run. For rooms that don’t get a lot of use, you can vacuum at least once a week.

For treating spills and stains you can blot up liquid spill as much as is possible. White cleaning cloths and paper towels will help you avoid dye transfer to your carpets or flooring. You should always blot gently using fresh pieces of cloth as using dirty ones will only make their condition worse than before. Scrubbing or brushing the stain would not be advisable. Various spot removers specifically meant for the floors and carpets are available on the market. You can always use these for proper maintenance at home.

In case something gets spilled by you, you can use a spoon or a spatula to scrape it before rubbing anything over it. This will reduce your efforts to remove the stain completely. Don’t use sharp or even blunt objects to scrape up the material as this is sure to harm the fibers of carpet. Let the spill dry and then you can brush. This will smoothly release it from the carpet fibers.

Your carpets will retain their beauty for long if you deep clean them at least once a year. The machinery required for this may not be available at your home. You will probably have to look for professional cleaning services for this purpose. If you have ceramic tile floors and you want them to look their best with daily sweeping and vacuuming.