If you don’t know where to begin a remodeling project, the bathroom is a great place to start. It’s the most commonly used area that holds all the necessary items for work or play and is a place that you go to unwind as a long workday ends. You’d like to rip up that old flooring but don’t exactly know what material will benefit your bathroom. Tile and vinyl both serve the same purpose but are different in comparison to design, style, and over all comfort. These comparative tips will guide you during your search for the perfect tile or vinyl flooring.

Tile vs Vinyl

When it comes to tile and vinyl, both offer various styles, textures, and designs. When choosing tile or vinyl for flooring projects, homeowners need not worry about the common problem of gaping seams that tend to follow natural wood flooring. Vinyl also provides easy installation at a lesser cost. The PVC and flexibility of vinyl make it simple for you to repair. Tile is made through a process call “dry pressing” which simple means that it’s much easier to produce and is less expensive as well. Tile involves the basic element of the earth (clay), and is categorized from Class 1 to 5, from no foot traffic to heavy duty strength ceramic.

Tile in your bathroom

As stated, the only type of tile that can be placed as flooring is the class 5 tiles. This class sitter suited for heavier foot traffic and won’t wear easily. You will find these floor types in supermarkets and public places to resistant against slipping and falling. This type of flooring includes a slip-resistant covering called Coefficient of Friction. These styles and colors may appease larger families because of easy-to-clean surface and chip-resistant covering. It is susceptible to spills and drops that are normally associated with children. Although it can be a bit pricey to repair, you don’t have to worry about moisture affecting the flooring as it will stand resistant to heavy water. From round to square to oblong, tiles can fit almost any size bathroom imaginable. As an added luxury, heated tile flooring is also an option for homeowners. This option is a great bonus to those who may be considering selling their homes in the future.

Vinyl in your bathroom

Vinyl flooring styles are endless and come in almost any style or color that you desire. Not only is it versatile, but you can depend on the durability through long wear and tear. Vinyl is 100% recyclable and is made of 45% of recycled materials and can be easily replaced or repaired without the hassle of disassembling the entire floor. Vinyl offers homeowners the do-it-yourself ability when they want a change or dents and tears occur. It is easily customizable and available in many luxurious styles. You can also expect to pay less for vinyl and not worrying about grout or messy clean up.

The Bottom Line

Ultimately, it’s your choice in style, comfort, and visual appearance when it comes to transforming your bathroom floors but one will always have its advantages over the other. Should you want to sell your house later on, that vinyl flooring may have an effect on the buyer’s offer whereas tile is generally regarded as a classier option. Aside from visual appearance, your flooring needs to be practical and functional while complimenting the style of the home.

Your bathroom flooring needs a strong surface for any occasion and company. Can’t decide on what to choose? Contact our helpful and knowledgeable contractors to get speedy results and efficient service.