Spring cleaning is underway this season. Isn’t it time to change that drab and dated bathroom floor, too? In just a few weeks and with very little cost you can install a whole new look this spring without going too fancy. This season, bring these creative ideas to life in your cozy and functional bathroom.

Rediscovering Your Purpose

Consider those first steps into your newly bought home’s bathroom for the very first time. Were you immediately disrupted by the gaudy ambience or Plain Jane décor? Maybe neither! You might have just wanted to rip out the old flooring and replace it with something more suitable for your family. Although your tastes differ from time to time, you know when it’s time to rediscover your reason for a bathroom makeover. Take mental notes on who uses the bathroom and the sink/toilet correlation, before you start throwing the down tile or dismounting sinks. Bring samples home to compare and get a feel of the color, texture, and pattern. This strategy will eventually assist with reinventing your purpose for fresh bathroom appeal.

Don’t Reinvent the Wheel

There are plenty of options out there to get as creative as you’d like, but be practical. If your toilet is brand new but you’d like to go eco-friendly, a bidet is your best option but isn’t always necessary. You may assume your household will adjust to the change but it isn’t practical for everyone. When considering a floor replacement, high quality and durability is what matters. Your local home improvement store may have a wide variety in stock, but are they skilled to assist you with the fine details? A local contractor has the expertise and only the top brands with the highest quality, so reach out to someone who’s been in the industry for many years before you decide to go green or cheap.

Crafty Cabinets

Your cabinets hold important items such as cleaning solutions, bath toys, and toiletries. But you can spruce it up a bit, too! Nowadays you can find almost any type of hardware for cabinetry. Pewter, brass, nickel, or chrome hardware can add a brilliant and classic look to your cabinets. If you prefer to keep your cabinets but would love them in another color, you can always choose the paint of your choice to add a fresh contrast to your bathroom. Cabinets are simple renovation and cost very little when adding specific detail.

Fancy Floors

If you’re going all out on this bathroom remodel for spring, choose a flooring option that is practical. While peel and stick sound like a time and money saver, they are easily damaged and more likely to need replacement sooner than you’d expect. Stick to a design, color, and style and then call your local contractor for a variety that fits your needs and lasts for years to come.

Counter Space Saver

Counter space is everything, especially for larger families. Consider adding a small counter with a built-in cabinet or replacing the one you have. Replacing or adding to your bathroom countertops can be surprisingly inexpensive. Much like your options for flooring, countertops can be modified to functionally fit your bathroom.

While you’re brainstorming fresh and colorful ideas for your bathroom this season, let Coastal Flooring assist you with your final decisions. Our team of experts will customize a style and plan fit for you and your home.