Your neighbors just remodeled their kitchen with all new granite countertops, custom cabinetry, and wood floors. And now they have you convinced that you need something else to add to your kitchen, but you don’t know where to start without it costing a fortune. Before you stress about the cost, consider what you want and what you’re looking to replace or add. Are you looking for a complete over-haul of your cabinets or maybe just one or two upgrades? What do you do when you want a specific look to add to your kitchen but you’re on a budget? Take a look at these cost-effective tips to get the look and feel you desire for your cabinets.

Map It Out

In order to find out what look, style, and cabinet type that you’re trying to achieve, you must create an outline of what you want. From textures to wood types, you could add your own personal style with complete functionality without breaking the bank. Mapping out your ideal cabinets will not only show you how your kitchen looks presently, but you will be able to see what will actually be practical, based on your and you family’s needs.

There are four types of cabinets: tall, base, special units, and wall.

Tall units are usually 83.5 inches in height and are typically used in a pantry space as storage for brooms, mops, and other kitchen clean-up tools. Base units (which are standard) are 24 inches deep by 36 inches tall. These types of cabinets rest conveniently on a toe kick which is a four inch recessed riser. The wall upper cabinets are 12 to 17 inches deep depending on the custom appliances. For corner cabinets, sink fronts, hitches, bottle racks, and suspended units, you want a specialty unit. This cabinet type expands overall footage and organization.

Don’t Go RTA (Ready to Assemble)

Ready-to-assemble cabinets are available in a box, one specific type/style, at your local home improvement store. You are not going to find these types of cabinets available in a customizable choice, nor will you be able to adjust them to your liking. They come in a one-size-fits-all package. RTA cabinets also make it difficult for you to fix them, should an element become faulty. Over time, the durability starts to go, which can become costly as well. It’s better to leave it to the pros when considering your custom cabinetry.

Custom and Semi-Custom

When it comes to your kitchen goals, you don’t want to skimp on style and functionality. Custom-made cabinets are one-of-a-kind and made to order. The contractor will take the correct measurements from top to bottom to ensure the correct fit. With custom cabinets, there is no room for off-centered spaces between the wall and the cabinets. From flexibility to depth and a pristine finish, you will get the results that fit your needs without going over your budget. For example, when you map out the details for your custom cabinets, you can add special accessories to your cabinets such spice racks and pull-out drawers. Knobs and pulls can add a decorative element to your cabinets, but they should also be practical. Whether you prefer round over egg-shaped knobs, having the ability to fully customize your cabinets to your liking can cost you less after adding those specific details. Rather than getting store bought accessories such as knobs and hooks to fit your cabinets, have them custom made for your cabinet doors.

Whether you’re ready to revamp your kitchen cabinets or install a whole new set, contact the experts at Coastal Flooring. They will give you estimates, sound advice, and lead you in the direction you want for custom cabinets on a budget.