When it comes to patterns, the Herringbone lay is by far, a pattern that will outlast the changes of time & style while offering a unique look to your backsplash and floors.

The Herringbone lay is not to be confused with the Chevron lay. While both are impeccably beautiful, the key difference is the zigzag joint. With a Chevron lay, the pieces meet point to point and the ends are cut at an angle resulting in a continuous zigzag design. With the Herringbone, the ends are butted and finish perpendicular to each other creating a broken zigzag.

Where it all started

First used by the romans, the Herringbone pattern proved to make roads a lot more stable by pointing the bricks in the direction of the traffic. The pattern is called Herringbone because it resembles the skeleton of a herring fish. Make no bones about it, choosing a Herringbone design for your tile, vinyl plank flooring or backsplash projects is certain to bring a classic timeless look to any area of your home or business.